Electricity generation workshop


Make your own charge controller.


Make your own charge controller.


Would you like to learn how to make your own electricity supply?

Want to increase your knowledge of electricity and electronics?

In one weekend you can understand the foundations of electronics, build your own tools to measure and monitor electricity and learn how to convert it into a usable form.

Course dates:

Sat 9th Sep - Sun 10th Sep 2017

Location: BongoHive

Plot 16948B, Thabo Mbeki Rd

Lusaka, Zambia

Time: 9:00 - 18:00 (lunch provided)

Application deadline: Sun 3rd Aug 2017

Course cost: K2000

In this workshop you will:

•  Build your own charge controller

•  Learn the foundations of electronics

•  Understand the basics of microcontroller programming

•  Build current and voltage sensing circuits

•  Create a unique user interface to display your measurements

•  Learn about voltage regulation

•  Implement safety circuitry to ensure your charge controller is safe

There is no prior knowledge required for this workshop, however some experience of working with electricity will be helpful.

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