Meet our Team: Granville Wood

Before I got involved with The Local Electricity Project I was mostly involved with water reticulation projects in my local community, I would provide assistance to both electrical and water service companies. I am a Computer Systems Engineer by profession, I have experience in the field of I.T and I have a keen interest in robotics.

And it was through this keen interest that I came to work with the Local Electricity Project. I was working on a multifunctional robotic rover, it had a gripper, a drill and a two way radio. I would send out emails seeking partnerships with different robotics teams or anyone interested in electronics around the world. Then I got a reply from the founding members of the Local Electricity Project. They introduced me to the Le1, I got very interested, we exchanged notes and they came down to Zambia and proposed a pilot project that would run in rural areas. And that is what we are currently trying on working on.

My role with the Local Electricity Project is that of Strategic Partnerships, I insure we as a team are in touch with key decision makers in the field of education, science, energy and technology and government stake holders as well, to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers before and after a sale is made.


The excitement draws from the fact that we are putting a new product that is going to revolutionize the way electricity and electronics is taught in primary, secondary and tertiary schools. And the feedback we are getting from both the private and public sector down to the everyday person that has interacted with the Le1.