Role: Teaching Specialist

We are looking for a skilled and highly motivated individual to lead the development of teaching materials for an integrated hardware/software platform which teaches young people in Zambia the fundamentals of building a decentralised renewable energy supply. You will be working in a small team to deliver an innovative product which has the potential to make renewable electricity accessible to millions of people.


  • Leading the development of a curriculum teaching people how to design, build and maintain household electricity supplies
  • Working closely with a designer, electronic engineer and software engineer to create digital and physical teaching materials
  • Collaborating with a designer to create human centred design study
  • Bringing insight into the broader context of education in Zambia
  • Representing the views of teachers in design studies
  • Supporting the development of a detailed product specifications for hardware and software platforms
  • Supporting development of an educational feature phone application teaching people how to build an electricity supply
  • Managing student learning through an online learning platform
  • Translation
  • Evaluating student data and teaching impact
  • Fieldwork in rural areas investigating the impact of our programmes


  • A passion for education
  • Bachelor degree in physics, engineering or related field.
  • Experience teaching in a low resources rural setting, without reliable electricity.
  • Experience teaching electronics up to A-level or beyond.
  • A teaching qualification along with recent teaching experience.
  • Willing to complete a background check
  • Demonstrated capacity to develop innovative teaching programmes
  • Experience in planning for and implementing high impact teaching strategies 
  • Experience evaluating the impact of teaching programs on student learning
  • Experience in using data to inform teaching practice and providing feedback to students
  • Ability to engage and inspire young aspiring future engineers and scientists
  • Command of English, Nyanja and Bemba

Desired skills

  • Experience using Microsoft Office and Google Suit
  • Experience with electronic circuits 
  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills
  • Hands on experience with electronics testing equipment (scope, DMM, sig-gen, PSU)

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to: