Role: Electronic Engineer (Power/IoT)

We are looking for a skilled and highly motivated individual to lead the hardware development of an integrated hardware/software platform that teaches young people in Zambia the fundamentals of building a decentralised renewable energy supply. You will be working in a small team to deliver an innovative product which has the potential to make renewable electricity accessible to millions of people.


  • Leading the design and development of an internet connected renewable energy platform
  • Ownership of PCB development – specification, design, prototyping and testing
  • Participating in design studies to produce detailed specifications for electronic design
  • Developing a power delivery module
  • Developing an IoT communications module
  • Supporting the development of educational materials, teaching electronic engineering
  • Collaborating with multidisciplinary team members including teachers, designers and software engineers.


  • Completed BEng or equivalent experience in electronic engineering, electrical engineering or a related field
  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills
  • Familiarity with mixed signal design, embedded systems design, battery technologies and power electronics
  • Familiarity with IoT services and big data pipeline infrastructure.
  • Familiarity with wireless communication technologies (Bluetooth, GSM)
  • Experience selecting and using microcontrollers and their peripheral circuitry (signal conditioning, board-level power supplies)
  • Good understanding of DC-DC power converter design and development. Ideally you would have some experience building a switching power supply from scratch.
  • Knowledge of microprocessor architecture and design (AVR, ARM, PIC)
  • Experience of C or C++ programming for microcontrollers
  • Hands on experience with electronics testing equipment (scope, DMM, sig-gen, PSU)
  • Experience creating specifications and reading datasheets

Desired skills

  • Passion for renewable energy and international development
  • Experience with PCB design
  • Leadership and project management experience
  • Knowledge of battery charging circuitry (lithium-ion and lead acid batteries)
  • Knowledge of microcontroller direct register access and low level programming
  • Experience in the use of CAD tools (Eagle, KiCad) for electronic design
  • Familiarity with control theory and digital implementation of controls
  • Experience in modeling, simulation, and testing of electronics
  • Experience in Africa or similar market with bottom of the pyramid customers

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to: